Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Camp Of Combat Arts 2009

The plans for this years Camp are in full swing. The dates of the Camp of Combat Arts this year are going to be July 4 & 5th (Saturday and Sunday).

The camp will start on Saturday at 10 a.m. and we be held in the Southland Leisure Centre Main Gym.

The cost of the camp is $75 for both days. $55 for adult members; this year we planing on a kids camp as well held at our Queensland Dojo for juniors age 7 - 11. Date and time forth coming, cost for the kids $20.

A seminar like this for the adults is generally over $200 AJJA is a non-profit group out ot make a change is the Martial Arts Community.


Shihan Chris Bissett - Chief Instructor Jishin-Ryu Jiu-Jitsu
Sensei Andy Dobie - President of Jitsu Canada
Sensei Rod Henricks - Head Instructor Inukshuk Bushido Kai in Edmonton
Sensei Malcolm Bale - Head instructor Calgary JuJitsu GMA in Calgary
Guro Joel Huncar - Raven Martial Arts and Huncar Applied Natural Defense Systems
Sensei Kevin D. Lintott - Chief instructor AJJA / Goshinkan-Ryu JuJitsu
Sensei Trevor Tessier - Head Instructor Panther Management Group
Sensei Tom Gillis - Head Instructor Foothills Training Services

Brochure on Camp of Combat Arts 2009

Poster Camp of Combat Arts 2009

Itinery and Information on Camp 2009

This year we are booking a Private Camp site for attendees and their families only. The site is at the Clearwater Tipi campsite just minutes west of Calgary. You can set up your own tent or trailer or book one of the large Tipi's to stay in. The cost of camping is free for your family however a small donation would be appreciated to cover the cost of the rental. We only ask that you help us clean up the sites prior to us leaving on the last day.

For more information or to book your spot please contact Sensei Lintott

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Lintott JuJitsu Locations

Lintott JuJitsu Club Locations:

Calgary Dojo
Bay 103 - 950 Queensland Dr S.E.

Grande Prairie Dojo
Bay 102 - 12709 99 St

Edmonton Dojo
5825 93A Avenue

Monday, January 26, 2009

JuJitsu Color Belts

Goshin Martial Arts has many Jujitsu students who are currently ranked or have been ranked in Goshinkan JuJitsu. Below are links to the Kyu's or Belts that students currently hold or have held. For the master page of ranks click here!

6th Kyu Yellow Belt

5th Kyu Orange Belt

4th Kyu Green Belt

3rd Kyu Blue Belt

2nd Kyu Purple Belt

1st Kyu Brown Belt

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Grande Prairie JuJitsu

Sensei Lintott’s Jujitsu club in Grande Prairie has is coming up to it’s one year anniversary date. There has been lots of growth in the club in the last semester and there will soon be some new classes for beginners and Arnis. The club is located in the North end of Grande Prairie.

JuJitsu Book Store

If you are looking for some good Jujitsu books see our Amazon Book Store.


GMA and the AJJA now have a page on face book. This is a great way to meet other Jujitsu students and instructor’s. Our link can be searched under Goshin Martial Arts or this face book link. Join our friends page it is a great way to stay in touch and learn what’s going our with our clubs and the AJJA.


Goshinkan offers several programs for the Jujitsu Black Belt or Martial Arts coach. If you are interested in learning to instruct others in Jujitsu or would like to supplement your current style of martial art then Goshinkan College program may be for you. There are also programs for none martial arts people through the AJJA College Program.

The College Program is done through a series of lesson plans with four levels once the four levels are completed then you can receive a license to teach the programs under Goshinkan and the AJJA. After you have studied each of the courses in a level you can challenge a written test that is conducted through distant learning. With each course you will be asked to teach the course as outlined in the manuals. When a licensed instructor can not be present then you can submit a video of yourself teaching the course.